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Everyone needs time away to be restored. Time to dip your toes in the ocean and time to simply be still and listen to the waves. Moments of solitary meditation to feel your connection to the world around you, and moments of blissful discovery during yoga or walks in nature. This time—these fleeting moments—are when we truly find the wellness that supports us in all aspects of life. 



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No matter where you want to unwind, Regenerative Resorts will guide you on your wellness journey, designing the most meaningful experiences to ensure you can reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Let us curate your next trip.

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Curated Trips


Authentic Mexico

5 night & 6 days

From $1,200 per person

The rugged, unspoiled beauty of Mexico has never been more apparent than at Playa Viva and Olas Tulum. Sustainably designed using regenerative and permaculture principles, Mexico is where your vacation meets your values.

Bawah-HD-0028-2 (1).jpg

Remote Indonesia

8 days & 7 nights

From $2,560 per person

Embark on a wellness journey like no other through the remote islands and sparkling waters of Indonesia. Find rejuvenation through plant-based cuisine and daily yoga and spa treatments in this remote getaway.

Espino_2017_Lake Exterior-1.jpg

Nature In Nicaragua

8 days & 7 nights

From $2,560 per person

Experience a private retreat like no other. With pristine islands and miles of jungle, you can shed the stress of the modern world as you restore your sense of self. It’s time to get lost in this lush getaway.


Colombia Immersion

5 night & 6 days

from $1,200 per person

Kick off your shoes and find your happy place. Colombia is a retreat from the daily grind—a sunny paradise with sweeping mountain ranges and pristine beaches. Immerse yourself in the biodiversity of these environmentally conscious destinations.


Jamaican Luxury

8 days & 7 nights

From $2,560 per person

Uncover a hidden world of secluded coves and stately mountains in this eco-conscious getaway. From colonial architecture to sensual lagoons, you won’t find another wellness retreat like this one.


Surf & Yoga In El Salvador

8 days & 7 nights

From $2,560 per person

Feel the rush of the ocean at this luxury wellness resort. Between surf sessions at this retreat’s private beachfront, tap into your connection with nature through yoga and meditation on the beach.


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