Our Top 5 Hotels For Your Perfect Beach Getaway This Winter


Humans have an innate connection to the ocean, which is why a trip to the beach calms your mind, eases your worries, and promotes relaxation. The cognitive benefits from spending time in, near, or on the water are evident after escaping to the beach. You return feeling rejuvenated, less stressed, more creative, happier, and healthier. As Wallace J. Nichols states in his book, Blue Mind, once your brain recognizes you’re near the water, you know “you’re in the right place.” Regenerative Resorts are specifically designed with you in mind. We create suitable and extraordinary environments for you to reset your mind, body, and soul through intimate experiences with nature.

You are guaranteed to find solace at one of these coastal resorts:

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Unplug in Nicaragua

Soothe your soul at Morgan’s Rock in Nicaragua. Put down your gadget and instead focus on welcoming the sea breeze, breathing in the salty air, and allowing the water to sweep over you. Recharge by letting the saltwater heal your muscles and naturally exfoliate your skin. Succumb to the swaying movement of the water as you unwind at this vibrant, tropical reserve. The mile-long beach gives you the privacy and exclusion you’ve been searching for in a picturesque location. As the refreshing cool greets your skin, embrace the relief you feel. A private escape with plenty of experiences on site to boast, you’ll find comfort and pleasure at Morgan’s Rock.

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Deepen relationships in Aruba

Spend time with your loved one at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort. This beachfront heaven induces sentimental feelings, fosters connections, and encourages love. Nestled right on Eagle Beach, you can watch the turquoise waters lap against the shore as you regenerate at this serene resort. Share a gentle caress with your significant other as you envelop yourselves in the sea, or during your evening sunset stroll. Triggers intimate sensations that release oxytocin and dopamine – happy chemicals that are a surefire way to produce euphoria and let go. They act as the glue that binds you to your partner, strengthening your association to him or her, and ultimately, building a healthy relationship. If you’re looking to celebrate an anniversary or rekindle your spirit, let the warm atmosphere at Bucuti & Tara be your gateway to romance.


Live it up in Cartagena

Soak up the Colombian sun while you fill your days with laughter, music, and cocktails at Blue Apple Beach. Make new friends and dance the day away as the contagious vivacious energy of this resort consumes you. The music, inspired by sounds from Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, brings people who are full of life together. Treat yourself to a fruity drink on the southern shore of Tierra Bomba Island and reawaken your youthful dance moves. Embrace the Balearic music as you move to the rhythm on the deserted beach. It easy to create a memorable and meaningful trip for yourself that’ll leave you in high spirits. Leave behind your worries at Blue Apple Beach because you’ll be feeling a renewed enthusiasm and zest for life.

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Explore rugged, untouched Mexico

Splash around in the waves at Playa Viva. Endless unspoiled beaches stretch for miles as far as the eye can see in Juluchuca. Invite the water to wash away your worries and consume any apprehension you might have. Indulge in local activities that transform your perspective. This lively hotel urges you to get involved with experiences that increase your endorphins. Whether it’s the chocolate tour, the ATV ride up into the mountains, or observing sea turtle hatchlings at their sanctuary, there is promise for reviving your senses. A naturally luxurious destination, you’ll leave Playa Viva feeling re-energized and ready for another adventure.

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Find peace and quiet in Zanzibar

Step into the soft, white, powdery sand at Ujamaa Beach Resort in Africa. Settled in a lush tropical garden on an expansive beach of the Indian Ocean, you can immerse yourself in a picture-perfect beach environment. Lavish bungalows fleck the dreamy beach at Ujamaa, awaiting your arrival. Surrender all responsibilities on the pristine beach and take some time to enjoy yourself completely. This is the place to visit if you’re looking to escape touristy regions – with no interruptions and unabridged shores, Ujamaa is far from commonplaces. As time unfolds at this resort, your vacation will serve as an important reminder to submerge yourself in solitude and take moments to recollect yourself.



When you’re feeling blue, remember that the ocean is your cure. You can boost your mood in an instant by just beholding its beauty. Even just looking at the water can help you overcome any disturbances in your life and engenders positivity. The physical, emotional, and mental benefits of spending time near the water will revive you and keep you returning again and again. It is important to take a step back from our busy lives and have a moment to simply chill at a beautiful, tropical beach. All you need is a pair of sunglasses, a chilled drink in your hand, and time to get away. Slip into something flowy and breezy and take a stroll through paradise.

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