6 Hotels To Go Off-The-Beaten Path for Active Adventure


A memorable vacation you and your family or friends will never stop talking about must have a quintessential adventure aspect to it, no? With so many sought-after and popular excursions to choose from, it’s almost impossible to know where the best place to experience each one is. Regenerative Resorts has compiled a list of hotels offering extreme experiences suited for any thrill-seeker, nature-lover, or wildlife enthusiast. Typical travelers might be unaware of the intriguing and challenging expeditions some of these hotels offer. For those unique happenings and ideal-for-storytelling escapades, you might feel obliged to travel further and deeper into the wilderness.

Photo by Andrew Geiger

Photo by Andrew Geiger


1. Tranquilo Bay, Panama

At Tranquilo Bay, you are at the hub for all things adventure. Bocas del Toro, Panama, has everything from tropical rainforest trails and relaxing beaches on the wild Caribbean coast, to world-class fishing, a colorful marine park for snorkeling, and numerous indigenous villages to explore.

Wander through this eco-lodge’s nature preserve, which contains 200 plus acres of forest, where you might catch sight of a white faced monkey, three-toed sloth, an iguana, or a blue morpho butterfly. Rest under the shade of Panama’s lush jungle while the cool, damp air of the rainforest encircles you. Below the canopy, you’ll be able to glimpse the striking species of different flora and fauna and watch as the vegetation comes to life.

Dive under the surface of the marine park and discover an array of ecosystems. Swim over a garden of sea fans, goggle at the vibrancy of the coral reefs, and surround yourself with over 200 species of tropical fish. Visit the Ngӧbe-Buglé comarca (reserve) on the mainland, or a smaller indigenous village on Isla Popa or Isla Bastimentos. Rejoice with the children and watch their delight as you take their photo. Hiking, snorkeling, birding, kayaking, surfing, forest ecology, and much more await you at Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge.


2. EcoCamp Patagonia: Torres Del Paine

Never short of incredible views, Eco Camp Patagonia’s unique geodesic domes have a cozy atmosphere that welcomes friendly travelers and warm vibes. Enriched mountain landscapes sit right outside the spacious, naturally lit domes of this hotel.

Journey to Southern Chile and across the scenic mountain paths of Torres del Paine National Park with highly knowledgeable guides, as you take on the world-famous W Trek. Begin your trek up glaciers, along the shores of Lake Pehoe and Grey Lake, and through the French Valley. With so many ways to see Torres del Paine National Park, why not do them all in one trip? Sport aficionados will love the ambitious multi-sport extravaganza that includes cycling to Laguna Azul, kayaking to Grey Glacier, horseback riding through Patagonia, and hiking Tower Base.

The Wildlife Discovery Adventure tour at this hotel is beyond compare. Engage in an epic thrill with their wildlife tracking professionals as you search for the Patagonian puma, the top predator of Torres del Paine. You will experience this dangerous beast in its natural habitat, an unmatched opportunity that is hard to come by anywhere else. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts will find EcoCamp Patagonia’s one-of-a-kind environment truly extraordinary and electrifying.

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3. African Bush Camps

There is no better way to visit the untamed African wilderness than staying in one of the African Bush Camps in Botswana, Zimbabwe, or Zambia. Each camp is designed to bring you an authentic safari experience. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool at Somalisa Camp observing the elephants congregate at the waterhole, exploring a National Park or Game Reserve after sunset on a night drive at Khwai Tented Camp, or visiting the thunderous, incomparable, Victoria Falls at Thorntree River Lodge, you are guaranteed to get up close and personal with Africa’s definitive nature and wildlife.

Marvel at the one of the oldest and most remote parts of untouched Africa, the Zambezi River, at Nyamatusi Camp or relish in a wildlife encounter at the Linyanti marshes. The Bush Camps boast a diverse range of places to explore and activities to take part in.

Witness the magic of Africa’s wild animals unfold before your eyes. Each camp has a different captivating ecosystem to tour – woodlands, grasslands, floodplains, lagoons – all of which offer an unbeatable perspective for uninterrupted panoramic views and memorable animal encounters.

Having very little environmental impact, any one of the African Bush Camps is an ideal fit for satisfying the modern traveller’s quest for adventure and authentic cultural experiences.

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4. Playa CaTiVo: Costa Rica

In the Osa Peninsula, on the coasts of Golfo Dulce, is Playa Cativo, with their extensive collection of rainforest activities and tours that are sure to captivate your senses. After accessing the beachfront lodge by boat, embark on an exhilarating adventure on land or sea.

For people craving a challenge, the El Chorro Power Guided Hike is a difficult endeavor and available only upon request. Venture deep into the dense jungle of Piedras Blancas National Park, where you’ll cross over creeks, trud through mud, and climb steep hills. At the end, you will uncover El Chorro, a massive waterfall that’s been viewed only by advanced and ambitious adventurers.

Take a tour through the tropical fiord of Golce Dulce to observe magnificent megafauna. Dolphins, humpback whales, manta rays, whale sharks, and sea turtles grace these waters, and you’ll get the opportunity to capture terrific photos of these iconic animals… maybe you’ll even get to see a whale flip its tail!

Unlike most resorts, Playa Cativo offers a Bioluminescence Tour aboard a boat, enabling you to observe this interesting natural phenomenon from a unique perspective. Bioluminescent ecosystems are rare, but Golce Dulce is one of the lucky places to have the special species of phytoplankton inhabit the water. If timed just right, your trip might line up with one of the few days during the month where the bioluminescent phytoplankton put on their brilliant, sparkling display.

Imagine an entire day of deep sea fishing in some of the most productive waters of the world. Welcome the deep blue with patience and skill, and you could be the one to bring back marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, or mahi-mahi. Tailored expeditions make Playa Cativo a desirable destination since their natural paradise brings visitors from all around the world.

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5. Hamanasi Resort: Belize

From rainforest to reef, the excursions at Hamanasi Resort are comprised of outdoor adventures and natural surroundings. You can explore offshore or inland, and learn to scuba dive or fly through the rainforest canopy on the longest zipline in Central America.

Plunge into Glover’s Reef atoll for world-class dives. The different dive sites are an excellent representation of the diversity in Belize. Dive Long Caye Wall, where visibility reaches 100 feet, and southern stingrays and garden eels populate the reef, or swim around “The Pinnacles,” towering coral heads that can reach up to 40 feet tall!

Get your adrenaline pumping with the Black Hole Drop, a thrilling expedition in which you will rappel down through the rainforest canopy into the basin of a sinkhole. While you descend the rocky face of Actun Loch Tunich, be sure to look around so you don’t miss out on the sweeping views!

Zip through the jungle on the Belize Jungle Zipline tour. Soar 2,300 feet across the canopy and through the trees at high speeds. Feel what it’s like to fly through the sky during this entertaining way of viewing Hopkins from above.

Drift through a cave in your own personal inner tube and learn about stalactites and stalagmites. As you float along the natural lazy river, your headlamp will help guide the way and illuminate the crystal formations gleaming in the light.

Whether you want to dive into the underwater world or catch a bird’s eye view of Belize, Hopkins Resort has the perfect adventure in store for you.  


6. Galapagos Safari Camp: Ecuador

Immerse yourself in one of the world’s most biologically diverse locations at Galapagos Safari Camp, where animals you won’t find anywhere else on earth run free unbothered by mankind. A biodiversity hotspot, this archipelago in Ecuador has all you need to experience the best of wildlife. Discover Galapagos Safari Camp’s land-based, cruise-based, and Ecuador mainland safaris.

Volcanic islands provide favorable dive spots where you can spot Galapagos sharks, white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, Galapagos eels, barracudas, sea lions, and even penguins! Experience euphoria from diving twice a day and exploring the crystal blue waters bursting with life.

You can’t go to the Galapagos without seeing one of the famous giant tortoises. The Safari Camp’s naturalist guide will help you on your quest to hunt down one of these amazing creatures. Visit the Tortoise Reserve, and watch them roam in their natural habitat, accompanied by other exotic species.

Pedal your way over the forest canopy on a Sky Bike! This unconventional and novel way to tour the cloud forest is exciting and daring. Travel over a 200 meter long cable – beneath you, a ravine and river flowing between the rocks and trees. A fun, easy-to-use activity for all ages, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the reserve and make memories you’ll never forget.

Delve into the lagoons and jungle trails of the Galapagos and let Galapagos Safari Camp give you a once-in-a-lifetime active nature or wildlife experience.  



Unusual escapes, remarkable environments, and exceptional natural circumstances are the ingredients for creating a noteworthy experience. If you are in need of excitement, engagement, exclusiveness, and something extraordinary, then these extreme hotels are awaiting your arrival. Choose any one of these enticing excursions and it’s guaranteed you’ll be coming back for more.

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