Places We'd Love to Do Yoga


After a refreshing swim in the cool, glistening, turquoise waters of the ocean, you are wringing out your towel, and are about to continue your day’s detox by wringing yourself out – through yoga. Besides the regenerative benefits of improving mental, physical, and emotional health, there are several more reasons to extend your practice of yoga and mindfulness.

Through meaningful experiences and a setting that allows you to fully immerse yourself into your practice, Regenerative Resorts strives to deliver a loving and rejuvenating environment that allows you to disconnect, so that you can reconnect. Each individual resort is designed to embrace environmental and ethical practices so people and places can co-exist and grow together sustainably. These resorts provide the om, or “sounds of the universe,” an environment which allows you to easily  enhance your overall well-being and promote longevity. Let the stillness and peacefulness of the place enhance your practice, foster relaxation, relieve anxiety, and refine resilience. Engaging opportunities at each resort allow you to connect to people and place, as you become part of the community and further your connection with nature, all while teaching you to express gratitude for wherever you’re at in life. From pristine backdrops, to a tranquil atmosphere, the slow pace of your trip will stimulate your mind and nourish your body through quality experiences we know you deserve.

The Regenerative mantra helps you stay connected long after your trip ends through enriching retreats and encouraging awareness. These resorts offer plenty of ways to get involved, escape the grind of your daily routine, and continue your practice off the mat by cultivating energy produced through bhakti, or love and devotion.  You will walk away knowing you have made an impact through your involvement and bring a stimulating mentality home to loved ones. By pausing, reflecting, and setting intentions, these resorts will help you work to become the best version of yourself, a lasting souvenir worth more than any material object could deliver.


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1. self-care at Villa Sumaya

At this spiritual and magical resort, you can find yourself diving into downward dog, surrounded by the natural beauty of the stunning landscape. The inspiring atmosphere of Villa Sumaya’s secluded lakefront cove is the ultimate oasis for reconnecting with the freedom of inner peace. Immerse yourself in a deep meditation practice, advance your poses, or focus on breath-work in one of their sacred temples with panoramic views. Their facilities stimulate dynamic gatherings, and each holistic practice is tailored to every visitor. In addition to healing modalities, Villa Sumaya preserves Mayan traditions in the heart of Altiplano, a beautiful location where you can connect with your heart’s song.



2. namaste with Bambu Indah

Cultivate mindfulness atop Sayan Ridge, overlooking rice paddy fields and the Ayung River. Indulge yourself in the Balinese environment and begin your morning with an awakening yoga flow in Bambu Indah’s Minang House. This unique space is built from sustainable black bamboo–each curve designed to replicate the exact symmetry of a rising full moon. Along with the soothing sounds of nature, strings from their Minang Harp harmonize to bring you vibration therapy during your practice. Bambu Indah has the best vibe for opening your mind, letting go of judgement, and emanating self love.



3. bliss at Playa Viva

Playa Viva’s yoga platform is more than ideal for doing luxuriously restorative poses, just steps away from a pristine beach. Begin every day with a reviving yoga session with your Holistic Host, who crafts a program specific to each guest’s needs. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi, or a complete beginner, the yoga retreats at Playa Viva can be catered to meet your comfort zone or allow you to take each pose even deeper. Nurture your mind as you spot whales breaching from your post at the top of the observation tower. If you want even more of this pleasant, exotic escape, Playa Viva offers special yoga retreats, for aerial, therapeutic, or couples yoga. Prepare to experience a greater sense of intimacy, joy, and flexibility following the heart-opening practices.

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4. wellness at Isleta el Espino

Set in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, this untouched resort is the perfect place to do your sun salutations. A wellness retreat at Isleta el Espino consists of daily morning and evening yoga and meditation sessions. With a shaded yoga platform for guests, this lodge offers spa services incomparable to any other. The untouched resort will restore your vitality and renew creative passions. The gracious staff at this resort are a thorough embodiment of the quality of life you’ll come to know. Interactions with staff members before, during, and after a yoga session will strengthen your self-compassion and build community. After making time to care for your mind, body, and emotions, you’ll have the opportunity to practice mindfulness with locals as you learn to make chocolate.

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5. joy at Casa Violeta

Spiritual seekers have flocked to Tulum for the land’s vast healing powers. Embrace the rich Mayan culture in the majestic setting of Casa Violeta. This oceanside sanctuary is a healing paradise for guests. Delve further into peace and relaxation alongside the sandy white shores of Mexico while sitting in child’s pose. Listen to palm trees sway in the breeze as you inhale during shavasana. At their yoga studio, Yoga Shala, you can overcome challenges and life’s obstacles by building physical and mental strength. The come-as-you-are philosophy at Yoga Shala will help you find stillness in times of discomfort. No matter what struggles you might be facing and regardless of your level, guests will learn to practice patience and leave the studio with more confidence. After a class, you will leave having gained a deeper mind-body-spirit connection that you can incorporate into living a happier, healthier life.


Escape all the hassles and drama of your daily routine and begin your transformational journey at one of these regenerative resorts. You’ll find that palm trees, an ocean breeze, and yoga, is living with ease. “The light in me recognizes the light in you.” Namaste.