Kasbah Bab Ourika

Atlas Mountains, Morocco


Not far from the ancient city of Marrakesh, rolling hills give way to striking mountains and lush valleys. At the top of one of these hills sits Kasbah Bab Ourika, a stunning traditional villa of rammed earth that simultaneously surveys all that lies before it without overtaking the natural beauty of its surroundings. Here among the warm brown stone walls, guests can commune with the traditions of Moroccan culture through Berber and Arabic dishes, and reflect on the arid landscape from the hotel’s veritable oasis, the botanical garden. 

Like so many things, the Kasbah is more than meets the eye. While it was constructed using traditional Berber techniques, the thick walls provide natural insulation from the heat and the cold, and solar panels are used to heat water and the building when necessary. The hotel also recycles greywater in their garden, and provides extra water storage for a nearby village. Give yourself over to the pleasures of Morocco at this immersive hilltop villa.





Botanical Gardens


Panoramic Views


Moroccan Architecture





Property Details

  • 27 rooms, including 15 rooms in the main Kasbah building and 12 rooms in the gardens, including 2 pool suites and a villa retreat 

  • All rooms have views of the Atlas Mountains, the national park, and the Ourika Valley

  • Dining available in the gardens or colonnaded restaurant

  • Property includes an herb garden, infinity pool, and Beldi spa

  • Access to day treks in and around the national park

  • Rates from $300 per night

Rates Include

  • Breakfast

  • Use of infinity pool

  • Housekeeping, maids, waiters, linens, towels, etc.

Regenerative Impact

  • Constructed out of pise (rammed earth) using traditional Berber building techniques 

  • Thick walls provide natural insulation

  • Property uses solar panels to heat the building and water, aims to install additional panels to start generating their own electricity

  • Greywater is recycled and used in the garden

  • Sources kitchen ingredients from onsite gardens or local markets, using seasonal foods

  • Hires locally and invests in job training for staff

  • Supports local community through various initiatives, including providing extra water storage for nearby village

  • Plans to build a prototype biodigester unit to turn waste products into electricity, gas and high-quality compost



Top Activities


Camel Trekking


Hammam Treatments


Making Berber Tea

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Member Perks


  • A bottle of  moroccan wine in the room

  • A bag of organic verveine grown in the hotel’s organic gardens

  • A locally handmade organic verveine soap bar