Hopkins, Belize

Style: Elegant

Setting: Pristine beachfront 

Nestled between the lush Maya Mountains and the turquoise Caribbean Sea, Hamanasi is a special place from which you can explore the best of Belize both on- and offshore, while preserving this paradise for future generations. From $250 per night

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Style: stylish farmhouse

Setting: Private nature reserve

Parrots fly in the rainforests, rivers run through green valleys, and when the sun goes down, the sky is bright with stars. The heart of the reserve is the 18th-century farmhouse that has been sensitively restored to its elegant beauty. From $690 per night

Quindio, Colombia

Style: Modern Luxury

Setting: Biodiverse Mountaintop

Perched atop a Colombian mountain range with sweeping views of coffee country and lush rainforest, Bio Habitat Hotel seamlessly integrates the robust natural environment of the region with chic, modern architecture. From $145 per night

Peñas Blancas, Costa Rica

Style: Rustic guesthouse

Setting: Lush tropical jungle

Boasting an intimate experience with primary rainforests, Finca Luna Nueva is a living classroom where regenerative agriculture practices are cultivated. You can convene with nature in this fertile, mission-driven getaway. From $105 per night

El Cuco, El Salvador

Style: modern luxury

Setting: prime beachfront

Experience a stunning, 7-acre beachfront property directly in front of the famous surf break and palm tree-lined postcard beach known as Las Flores, an environmentally conscious hotel with a minimal impact on the ecosystem. From $278 per night

Julachuca, Mexico

Style: Eco-luxury

Setting: Unspoiled beachfront

Enjoy the rugged, unspoiled beauty of Mexico in the luxury of this environmentally-conscious resort. By nurturing wild turtle habitats, Playa Viva treasures the environment and treats the guests to an unforgettable stay. From $265 per night

Pokhara, Nepal

Style: eco-lodge

Setting: mountaintop views

Perched on a mountainside ridge half an hour outside of Pokhara, Nepal, Tiger Mountain is an ideal place to release your stress and sink into a deeper understanding of yourself and the tranquility of the natural world. From $470 per night

Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua

Style: eco-chic

Setting: Your own private island

Imagine an entire private island to yourself with luxurious accommodations on the idyllic Lake Nicaragua. With staff to fulfill your wishes and cabanas made from local materials, the only thing you’ll need is more time on the island. From $213 per night

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Style: Adventure lodge

Setting: Biodiverse rainforest

In the heart of the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park sits Tranquilo Bay, an adventure eco lodge with heart. Choosing from island-hopping to hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and wildlife tours, there is something here for everyone. From $175 per night

Gal Oya National Park, Sri Lanka

Style: eco-chic

Setting: Remote wilderness

Discover an ancient land untouched by time, a haven of serenity in which to reconnect with the rhythms of the earth. Explore the rich wildlife of Gal Oya, one of Sri Lanka’s most remote and least visited wilderness areas. From $155 per night

Mafia Island, Tanzania

Style: rustic treehouses

Setting: jungle island retreat

Set sail for this castaway fantasy, and enjoy a star-spangled sky, flickering candles, superb food, great company and the timeless luxuries of space, nature immersion, privacy and utter peace, all found in your personal treehouse. From $200 per night

Jackson Hole, USA

Style: Adventure Ranch

Setting: Backcountry Wilderness

Flat Creek Ranch is your own private wilderness tucked into the mountains of Wyoming just outside the world-famous Jackson Hole. Leave the modern world behind and connect to thrilling nature experiences. From $800 per night (all-inclusive, 3-night minimum)