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From $175 per night

bocas del toro, panama

Style: Adventure eco-lodge

Setting: Biodiverse rainforest

In the heart of the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park sits Tranquilo Bay, an adventure eco lodge, and with a range of excursions on offer here, this resort has really earned its title.

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From $265 per night



Style: Eco-luxury

Setting: Unspoiled beachfront

Take everything that annoys you about mass tourism on the Mexican coasts and put it out of your mind. Whatever your mental image, Playa Viva is the opposite of that.


from $213 per night


lake nicaragua, nicaragua

Style: Rustic chic

Setting: Your own private island

Imagine an entire private island to yourself with luxurious accommodations distributed across 5 dreamy and unique rooms on the idyllic Lake Nicaragua. 

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from $250 per night


hopkins, belize

Style: Elegant

Setting: Pristine beachfront 

From Mayan pyramids deep in the rainforest to pristine reefs teeming with coral, Hamansi is the ideal Belize all inclusive beach resort and vacation.


from $105 per night


Peñas Blancas, costa rica

Style: Rustic luxury

Setting: Lush tropical jungle

Boasting an intimate experience with primary rainforest, the Finca Luna Nueva is a living classroom where medicinal plants are cultivated and people convene with nature.