Our Ethos


Who are we?

We are a collection of independent boutique eco-hotels, where people and place co-exist and thrive. Each property, with a unique sense of place, is consciously designed with the ecosystem in mind. Our commitment to environmental and ethical practices goes above and beyond our certifications.


Greater impact

Opportunities to engage deeper are offered through our hotels, so that guests can have meaningful and transformational experiences. Activities vary and include wildlife rehabilitation, organic farming, deep-sea diving, volunteering with school kids, practicing yoga and regenerating your soul immersed in nature. 


A brighter future

We've come together to further our impact by collaborating for greater effectiveness and efficiency. What you see here is just a peek into a pioneering company that's going to transform tourism. Our collective makes it easier for guests to discover where a guest's vacation can meet their values. 



The Regenerative Standard



Built To blend In

Our properties utilize architectural strategies that incorporate local culture that influence the design. Building materials are always local and sustainable.



Healthy cuisine

Each of our hotels is dedicated to a level of organic, local and certified food, in addition to incorporating sustainable kitchen practices.

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Benefit the local community

Each property has their social and environmental projects benefiting the local community where the economic benefit is being regenerated.



Puts the environment first

Our hotels focus on cleaner and renewable water and energy systems that improve the environment and regenerate the local ecosystem.

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Creates authentic experiences

Each property is dedicated to engaging guests in location-specific experiences that celebrate the local culture.