The 16 Most Beautiful Places To Travel To This Spring


Where: Gal Oya National Park, Sri Lanka

Recommended by: Amanda Ho, Co-Founder and Brand Director of Regenerative Resorts

Why: Trod off-the-beaten path into one of the most remote regions of Sri Lanka that remains beautifully untouched by tourism. Here you will find the eco-chic Gal Oya Lodge, which with nine design bungalows, is the only accommodation in the area spread across 20 acres of private verdant jungle. Embark on one of the most unique wildlife safari experiences in the country with a boat safari across the island’s largest lake and a hike up Monkey Mountain to enjoy Sri Lanka's rugged landscape in isolation. The driest (and best) seasons in the Northeastern half of Sri Lanka begin in late April and early May so start planning now.

Pro Tip: Take the adventurous (and slower) journey to Gal Oya as the trip cannot be done in a day. After landing in Colombo, opt for the scenic train ride to Kandy where you can reach then Gal Oya in 2.5 hours by car. Your reward? Watching the lush, rolling landscape of Sri Lankan tea country pass by from your window.

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